Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My first Blog

Well, hello!

This is a first for me, I have never written a Blog before which is pretty shocking considering I am nearly 25 years old.

Having considered it for a while now, I am here.. and quite nervous I have to say...

What is the right thing to write? what's interesting to people??

I have read people's Blogs, any of which are filled with clap trap that doesn't really have much filling (as in a tasty sandwich!)

So, I will treat my new blog as a delicious cake (this is because I am on a diet and can't thing of anything else!):

It will be filled with tasty stuff
Unnecessary ingredients; not welcome
It will be fattening and totally bad for you
But you will love it!

Any suggestions are welcome!

Thank you for reading my first blog!... here's to us making beautiful blogging history together..



  1. Congrats on your first blog post.
    can't wait to see it gradually fill with tasty stuff


  2. Hi Katy. Welcome to the blogosphere! Are you calling my blog a load of junk food? ;-)

    Next step - get a tweet feed on here.


  3. Oooh hiya! - No I am sure yours is brilliant with a capital B!
    OK - getting Tweet feed now! x

  4. Inspired!
    Move over Charlie Brooker, David Mitchell get out of the way! I've got a new favourite blogger!
    Now you've gotta keep it up, that's where I fell down pretty quickly.
    You've shown me yours, now take a peek at mine... don't tell anyone though. I'm shy!

  5. WOW - you are lovely ! thanks! :0) - looking at yours now! x

  6. Katy I am glad you have avoided all the conspirator rubbish blogs we have at the moment.